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Dec 2, 2013 10:00am PST
to forty percent of the world's economy. they sever second year in korea life from seoul and keep them from when they do so much for joining us. we begin with the president's confirmation of three key government posts today which went through despite the lack of the national assembly's blasting the president talking head pushed ahead with the appointments to maintain stability in state affairs as all elementary businesses come to an effective holt from a boycott by the opposition party the presidential office correspondence was into surface. health and welfare minister please don't kill prosecutor general keen to attack a cheese stick on a term high tech and have benefits to place your perspective seats by president mckinley. ordered the new we appoint officials to work or brooding up the normal practice is to penetrate its tv fears that its production. make sure that nobody in any case to find the constitution and the beaches democratic principles the president had to lay off three appointments due to strong objections by the opposite party. after all confirmed that she's on her nomination
Dec 4, 2013 11:30am PST
transformation of economy of both sides straits exchange foundation cam and ingles said. o so we stayed at his hands at taiwan and china which together to establish international standards in france the tenth inning diluted eight day visit to taiwan and that taiwan can repair it. this was his first visit to taiwan the association of the nation i was really scared him and said he hoped to get the time i get near future. former premier yossi claim emerged as the victim of the democratic progressive party's new thai pizza de niro primaries. according to yell he will do his best to you not to partake. every store new type the city to the ttp. former lexington tomko a high gloss to yell in the primaries said he will fully support kills campaign regards to that allah solitary to you in the infield empty as his secretary general meeting to jockey in the race. the dp said to do with negotiate with the tissue in the hopes of having that drop out of the wrecks. american radio secret exceeded his former spokesperson council had in the democratic progressive pretty speedy type b c the mire of primaries. i
Dec 5, 2013 10:00am PST
the korean economy is resilient. according to imf chief christine lead guard who made the comments on the last day of the two day visit here to soul song to some reports on how the global financial heavyweights these prospects and dangers for asia's fourth largest economy. korea is even more easily now. i was five years ago when the bubble financial crisis broke out that a point ahead of the international monetary fund. christina gap policy makers have used that time and he's the head office twice me. making sure that banks all properly capitalized and some didn't the wording external debts and deploying a month for a potential forty seats the call of the envy of the world. but to proceed down growth projected at three point seven one percent next year by the imf still needs to implement the right package of reforms specifically targeted in the labor market and service sector. goods. an in depth the form of the labor market so that he's more interested in tuesday for temporary workers. enthusiasts young people. in tuesday's two women as well. in addition to the labor market reform.
Dec 6, 2013 10:00am PST
be beneficial for asia's fourth largest us economy it seems can research fellow at aspen institute for policy studies. joy does not assist the year to help misunderstand the asia pacific trading block welcome to progress to grab me. well korea is already interested in that talks about joining a title a regional trade bloc the rc peek of what makes create interested in the us twenty ppm. old korea has been courted by the us and the ppp partners for quite some time now. the question of will with the polish design korea's court is to tear away you will going pee pee pee and if they thought it will join when it will going. in term of timing on a wide tree is down decided to choose this particular moment. we know about trying it on two cans that are to speak and ppp. and in their announcement in the market this year. coupled with the fact that there are some questions about the quality of our set. and still talks for the cgt if he is close to korea japan fta. so where are courteous and two when the blues were to join ppp bulky bpa is a very sizable on trade agreements. it includes among others jap
Dec 3, 2013 10:00am PST
the country's ailing housing market. the measures announced during an economy related ministers meeting on tuesday come as a means to improving two sets of housing policies introduced earlier this year. despite implementation of the policies already in use to finance minister come up with karen the meeting said that the real estate market has failed to enter into a state of full recovery. from there though it's vacations that housing prices are going to try it and there's also an imbalance of supply and demand due to soaring rental security deposits. to counter the lingering uncertainties in that nation's housing market the revised stimulus measures include unifying the types of government backed mortgage loans the government will also allocate eleven trillion won roughly ten billion us dollars for government mortgage loans next year busy as this year's record amount to me. as one single day will run the loan program for home buyers will be able to secure loans at lower interest rates. under the new measures the overall number of so called happy houses which are a form of rental housin
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5